ooooh my gosh

found this song on my computer that me and dev of majical cloudz made in like 2009 about our cat voignamir who at the time was on very bad terms with us because we were forcing him to diet and so he was like, very violent but literally like 20 or 30 pounds.  

i dont know why it sounds like indie rock haha, neither of us really make music like this


nie mogę doczekac się wakacji. Leżenia na trawie w słońcu, wiatru wiejącego prosto w twarz w bezcelowych wyprawach samochodem, oglądania wschodów słońca, wszystkiego co wtedy się dzieje. Jestem dalej niż kiedykolwiek w marzeniach sennych. Nie mogę się obudzić/ 

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And after having spent the day together 
Hold each other close the whole night through 


“I am always looking outside, trying to say something that is true. But maybe nothing is really true. Except what’s out there. And what’s out there is constantly changing.” 

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For the times they are a-changin’.


“Parade my trouble in front of you guys? Make you realize that my heart is broken … that as long as I live I’ll have chains dragging me down to the oceans of sad tears that my feet are wet in already.”


An’ anyway I’m not alone